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This Blog is A Record Of My Personal Adventures And Wonderful Kayaking Lifestyle. It Is Also A Taster Of What You Can Expect If You're Adventurous Enough To Tag Along. Why Not Get In Touch And Join One Of Go Sea Kayaks Guided Trips On The Beautiful Mediterranean Island Of Sardinia, You Won't Regret it!

Saturday 25 June 2016

Return to Island Solitude...

It was June the 20th, just four days after first doing this camping trip and there we we're back again at spiaggia Rena Bianca, ready to do the trip again and show someone else what a wonderful place these islands are to explore!

We're all pretty excited as we begin the one hour crossing to the first island, Isola di Soffi.
Happily leaving the crazy busy beach for deserted solitude.
Well we are on the Costa Smeralda!
We all had a lovely peaceful crossing, lost in our own thoughts and contentment.
We stop at a lovely small beach facing the mainland for rest and refreshment.
And snorkelling!
Before continuing on to our pre-planned lunch beach on Isole le Camere.
For a very long lunch stop whilst we wait for the many boats and yatchs to leave spiaggia Mortorio where we plan to camp.

Its seriously hot so I put up a tarp to shelter under and chill out.

It was so hard leaving such a lovely beach, I may well camp there next time but our chosen beach for today is on Isola di Mortorio where one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia resides.
As we paddle under the low evening sun we can't help but feel very happy about where we were at that moment!

We soon reach the beach and head in through the most amazingly blue water!
I had a few probs with a tent pole breakage but we got it fixed and set camp for the night in what has to be an utterly idyllic location!

In the morning we get up early but linger lazily on the beach, swimming, snorkelling and eating. Even a little volleyball was played too :)
Heading off at around 11:30 we chose to continue to circumnavigate the island of Mortorio
And explore the stunning rock formations that remain hidden to all but sea farers.
In fact we continue down the northern side of the islands to complete our circumnavigation of the islands. 
Its a really lovely trip this and it can be done in a day without camping but camping is highly recommended!
Why not come and join us? 
Get in touch at www.goseakayak.com 

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