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Sunday 2 October 2011

The Dragon & Lizard Alliance...

This trip was the main reason that I came to Cornwall early for my 4 star assessment. It's high on my list of things to do this year.

I had a walk to Lizard point on Thursday, I've visited there many times before but I wanted to check out the conditions that I'd be likely to encounter. I wish I hadn't, it was only blowing about F4 but the race just offshore had 15-20 foot waves breaking over the reefs! I've never seen anything like that before so I was more than a little apprehensive about the paddle today.
Camp At Poldhu Cove...

Days of lazygititus left me a little shaky at the start of the paddle but I was soon into my stride, each paddle stroke slowly removing my lack of confidence & replacing it with optimism.
I was making a good 4.5 Knots from camp to Kynance Cove & I was eager to reach Lizard Point.
Kynance Cove...

Arriving at the tip of the Lizard, not to mention the most Southerly point in England, I was anxious to see what sort of playground I'd have. As it turned out it was nice & calm, arriving an hour before slack water had worked a treat :)

The Old Lifeboat Station On Lizard Point...

Lloyds Signal House...

The New Lizard Lifeboat Station...

WooHoo, I Love Caves...

Bloody Deep Too...

The Witches Cauldron...

Arriving at Cadgwith, my finish point. I had decided to go one way & get the bus back to my van.


Trip Odom 8.62 Nautical Miles (9.9 Statute)

Time Moving 02:39:30

Max Speed 6.3 Knots

Moving Average 3.3 knots


  1. How the hell did you get your kayak back on the bus with you?

  2. Timed to perfection,obviously caught the lizard asleep. I'd imagine it could get rather intresting out there :-)

  3. Looks a nice trip - bit far south for a die hard northerner like me!
    Good luck with the assessment.

  4. Hey J, I talked very, very nicely to the bus driver :)

    Noel, Defiantly timed it right, I've never seen 15-20 foot waves before.

    Will, North is fab but I cant recommend the Lizard & Lands End Enough, BLOODY AMAZING!!!