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Thursday 2 February 2012

Noel & Nate's Nobbling Adventure...

Duped by the weather again, yep, we were expecting it to be cold but we were also expecting a millpond so we had made plans to paddle to Steep Holm & Flat Holm & very excited we were too.
Arriving at The Captains Wife in Sully it was obvious Steep Holm was out as it was far to rough to head that far offshore & I reluctantly decided that Flat Holm too might be pushing our luck :(
Paddling today with Noel & Nate :)
Plan B was to follow the tide towards Penarth, head through the race's & see what happens.
Setting off was (as Noel would say) bloody nobbling. My hands were freezing & I was having second thoughts. I'd just have to get paddling to generate some heat, or the illusion of warmth.
Nate's first time paddling with us & also first time on the sea. He no novice mind as he's one of those crazy river paddlers & just last week was paddling the river Dart with some fellow Glam Boaters.
All calm passing Sully Island as it shelters us from a biting North Easterly wind.
 Rock-hopping fun :D
 Our original destination of Steep Holm & Flat Holm in the distance.
 Back into the wind & it's all lumpy bumpy.

All calm at Lavernock, just a little surf until we turn the corner to Penarth where the sea was really feeling the wind.
We stopped short of Penarth & had lunch on the beach, IT WAS BLOODY FREEZING!!!, (sorry Noel, nobbling ) ;D
 All went calm on the way back as the tide started to think about turning.
Back around Sully Island to look for some action. This clapotis on the Eastern tip is all we found.
Then it went very calm back in the lee of the Island. I think we were all glad to get off the water after this trip & put our warm clothes back on. It was good fun but the North Easterly wind was bloody nobbling, brrrrr.
Back on dry land & Noel offers to buy me a coffee in the pub, result :D cheers Noel.

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  1. You're welcome bud, I think i've only just about thawed out (ha ha)