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Saturday 4 February 2012

Cardiff Bay Ice-breakers...

OK, so its Saturday, its bloody nobbling outside & there snow falling. I know, lets go kayaking???
It's this man's fault, Richie wanted to get out for a paddle on the weekend & quite honestly I don't think he feels the cold.
Richie's not the only nutter on the water, Laura & Andy were displaying a 'positive mental attitude' too.
We decided it would be fun to paddle right into Cardiff city centre along the River Taff.
 Richies having fun :D
 Approaching the Millennium stadium through the snow, magic.
 Lets do some head shots :D
 Always smiling.
 Sleepy time.
 Sh*t, my turn.
 Winter wonderland.
Cheesy does it.
A fab day out, just got to try & dry my kit for tomorrows paddle :)


  1. Are you lot mad??
    Actually, I really wanted to go to Angelsey this weekend, and I would have under different circumstance!
    Keep it up!

  2. Wasn't too bad, just got cold on the last leg back to the car. It was a really fun paddle :D