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Sunday 12 February 2012

Crossing Borders...

A Channel crossing has been on the cards for some time now but me & Stuart always seem to find a reason not to do it?
I had planned a nice paddle out to Flat Holm today & Stuart was up for it too & arrangements made. then Stuart messaged me back to say that Eurion fancied crossing the channel & it would involve an overnight camp. It sounded good, game on :D
We met up on Saturday at the inshore lifeboat station at St Donats, Eurion is a member of the shore team & got permission for us to launch from here.
 Not a bad place to start from :)
 I think Stuart is excited.
 Not Eurion & Stuarts best side.
 Boat envy, this is Eurion's maiden voyage in his new Cetus.
 A little warm up.
 And we're off.
 The weather is perfect.
 But its a long way to go & not much to see in the middle.
 Finally, England ahoy :D
 Time for some pictures as we approach Porlock.

 We follow Eurion as he knows the way.
 This portage is really gonna suck & its absolutely bloody freezing!
 Home for the night, unsurprisingly Eurions chose a pitch next to a pub.
Sunday morning & after a big bowl of porridge & a cup of coffee I'm ready for the paddle back.
 Leaving Porlock behind.
We're past the halfway point by now & passing a North & South cardinal markers that aren't on the chart? They indicate a wreck.

 Woohoo, made it.
I'm so looking forward to my warm, dry clothes, brrrrr.
The route looked something like this. Eurion planned for us to hit mid channel for slack water so it would cancel out our tidal drift over the first half & put us back on course. We followed a bearing out of 200° & retuned on a bearing of 20°, the crossing was 11.5 Nautical Miles, (13.2 statute miles).

Right, I'm gonna go put my feet up & Stuarts not allowed out to play next week (LOL). Anyone else fancy a paddle?


  1. Hey bud, camping and mid february, a few words I wouldn't expect to see together in the same sentence unless of course I was reading either Stuart's, Eurion's or your blog. Good trip though another one off the list, don't forget Steepholm unfinished business there :)

  2. Just about to write up my blog from this weekend. Well done guys, nothing wrong with camping in Febuary!
    I cheated and slept in the back of the car though.

  3. Hey Noel, have to get you out to Steep Holm soon, you'll luv it :D

    Hi Martyn, think I'd prefer a tent to a car, much more comfy. Look forward to reading your blog.

  4. Great trip dudes - you'll have to drag me across on another day! To keep warmer you could have all snuggled into one tent ;-)

    Settled for a very icey run in the Beacons in the end, though avoided the main ridges as it was carnage with people slithering everywhere. I bet the mountain rescue were kept busy!