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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Roll's & Rescues At Cardiff Bay...

Despite the rather parky weather a few of us from the 'Sea Kayak Cymru' Facebook Group, (Stuart, Kevin, James & Chris) decided to meet up on Saturday for a paddle in Cardiff Bay with the intention of practicing our rolls & rescues.
 Paddling across the Bay to Mermaid Quay.
 Coffee break? I wish!
 A little limbo to loosen our muscles.
Image By Stuart...
 Before we get wet, here I'm doing a clamber on deck :S
Image By Stuart...
And I volunteer for a x-rescue too :)
 Chris gracefully exiting his Delphin.
Kevin making love to his kayak :) We were all impressed with Kevin pulling off a roll earlier & making it look easy. It was his first roll outdoors. Well done mate ;D
After some cajoling we finally got James to test his new drysuit.
It was a pleasant enough couple of hours on the water but I think the parkyness of the water limited what we did a bit, (Brrrr!)...

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