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Saturday 9 February 2013

River Ely...

Today I was meeting up with Andy today for a freshwater paddle with the Glam Boaters so I could help in supervising the kids as it was a junior paddle, problem was only Arron & David turned up :oS
Easy day I guess!
We left one car at Penarth road in Cardiff & got a lift of Davids Dad to our put in at Peterston Super Ely. I was actually, despite the fresh water looking forward to this, its a beautiful stretch of countryside that you cant explore on foot due to access restrictions.

Andy got on first,
then we all followed with me bringing up the rear in a strange & rather short boat?
It was like exploring a hidden World for me.
Hmmmm, don't get obstructions on the sea, we saw a few of these.
We all had to climb over, yeehaa!

I don't know what this is or why it making Andy deranged but I saw quite a few of them?
A sunken speedboat, our best guess is that it got washed downstream from someones garden on the recent floods. There was evidence everywhere along the banks of recent & very high water levels.
We stopped at a few weirs along the way for some surfing, this spot though was my favourite.

All to soon we were ambling along the final stretch & being asked by the police if we'd seen a dead body, I kid you not!
I really should do some more of these river trips, their really not that bad :D
Our route for the day, not that far but thats fine by me :)

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