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Welcome To The Go Sea Kayak Blog...
This Blog is A Record Of My Personal Adventures And Wonderful Kayaking Lifestyle. It Is Also A Taster Of What You Can Expect If You're Adventurous Enough To Tag Along. Why Not Get In Touch And Join One Of Go Sea Kayaks Guided Trips On The Beautiful Mediterranean Island Of Sardinia, You Won't Regret it!

Thursday 18 August 2011

New Website Ideas...

Heres a couple of designs I've been working on for the new 'Sea Kayaking Adventures' website.
What do you think? Would love some feedback. Cheers, Taran...



  1. I like the second simple design. Its very attention grabbing and lures the person into experiencing a Sea Kayak adventure with caves and sunsets etc.
    It would be good to have a library page with all the best pictures from different parts of the Welsh Coast etc. I think the second design is also quite professional looking

  2. Thanks for the advice guy's. After lots of faffing around with the limitations of the web packages I've pretty much decided to go with another provider though it will still look like the second design.