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Sunday 7 August 2011

Who Moved Anglesey?

So there I was, in Cardiff, The van was fueled, loaded. I'd done my sleepless nights worrying about Penrhyn Mawr & the Stacks. I was al set & ready to leave for a solo expedition around Anglesey. I had hoped it to be a bloggers meet with a few of us going but the logistics of co-ordinating free days was proving troublesome.
I'd enquired with Canoe Wales the day previously about a level 1 coaching course & they got back to me the day I was due to leave on my exped with a message saying that there was a level 1 course running next week, (Monday to Thursday). As I really need to do the course for my new kayaking business I booked the course & reluctantly put Anglesey on hold :(

Hmmm, bit of a loose end now for the weekend so I text Stuart to see what he's got planned? He was meeting Stoney, (Martin) & may be Richard in Pembroke. Game on, that'll do :)

I picked Stuart up about 5PM in the van & off we go.

Friday Night, (Solva & Scar Rocks)...
As there was going to be a few hours light left when we got to Pembroke a paddle was definately on the cards, but where? Solva to Green Scar seemed perfect.

Perfect conditions & just a little swell to make the rock-hopping fun. I'd forgot my helmet in the rush to get on the water though so I didn't take many risks. Will make sure I got my lid tomorrow.

 I was feeling really chilled out & loving the late evening light.
We played in the rocks with the swell breaking until darkness hinted we should head back...

Saturday, (Solva to Porthselau)

After the paddle last night we went to the pub & met up with Martin to discuss Saturdays plans. Solva, (conveniently) to Ramsey was agreed & plans made.
 Conditions looked good within the shelter of Solva Harbor.
 Myvanwy was looking good with her new sign writing.
 And Devils horns ;D
 Gay Boy brought a suitcase camping???
 I think Stuarts really looking forward to doing a proper trip in his new boat.
 We meet up with Martin & his Dad, (I'm crap at remembering names) & head off.

 Green scar first.
 Then Black Scar.
Stuarts amused by my square head, (a big waterproof SLR case). See his blog for images.
We head for this fab arch as it was too dark for images last night. The coastline around here really is amazing.

I spot a gnarly run between some rocks that were getting swamped by the swell. I reckoned if I was quick I could get through unscathed?
It started OK till I saw a big swell heading my way. Hmmm, may need to low brace.
 I get flushed towards the rocks.
Luckily I miss them & nail it for the finishing line. Fab adrenaline rush ;)
Cheers to Stuart for the pics.

 A quick break at Porth Clais.

 Amazing rock-hopping at Carreg Yr Esgob.
 Martin shooting a gap.
 A quick rescue as one of us went over as a wave pushed through a narrow gap.

 Crossing to Ramsey, getting excited now :)
WOW, AMAZING. I didn't take many pics but instead put a short video on this post.

 Synchronized paddles as we approach the Bitches.

 A fab tunnel that went right through the headland.
And finally landing at Porthselau. A bugger of a portage to the campsight though I have had worse. Martin & his Dad were kind enough to give us both a lift back to the van in a tiny little car. Looked quite a sight with two 18 foot kayaks on the roof.
Back at Solva & attacking the coffee supplies with vengeance & enjoying the changable weather...

A short video of Ramsey Island...


Its turning out to be a great weekend though Sunday is forecast force 4-7, moderate to rough. Probably should go somewhere sheltered like Dale?
I suggest Skokholm & Skomer. Hmmm, maybe a little ambitious?
 It a wet start as me & Stuart get ready to leave Martins Haven.
 Very wet.
 And pretty windy. Maybe this is a bad idea?

 We head for Midland Gap after deciding Skokholm a bit too challenging.

 Then paddle through the swell to South Haven.
We decide against going around Skomer as the conditions ain't great & the tide hasn't started to flood yet so it can only get worse?
 On the North side its a different story, maybe its getting calmer?
 We chill in North Haven for a bit.
Hmmm, wonder what jack sound is going to be like? Turned out it was quite lively & certainly held our concentration.

A few rolls to finish the day & also the fab weekend. I'll have to try & get to Anglesey soon as I'm definately wanting to do it this year.


  1. It was a great weekend, good write up and nice little video.


  2. Looking forward to yours & Martins blog posts :)