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Sunday 29 January 2012

Too Fresh For Rescue's (part 2)...

After yesterday's awesome paddle & early rise I could have happily stayed in bed this morning. instead I was up at 07:30 to meet Pete & Gareth who wanted to run through some rescues.
Hmmm, been here before, they'll soon change their mind when they put their pinkies in the water, & they did :D
Instead we chose to do some towing & see what else turns up. As it happened some good opportunities arose to teach reading the currents.
I pop off for a warm up Whilst Gareth & Pete get ready. A reasonably high tide is showing at the fixed cardinal mark.
 The ladies are finally ready ;D
 A quick look at the old harbour wall to warm up.
 Barry Island.
A nice bit of flow at the tip of Nell's Point. I explain to Gareth that this is why I made good progress staying closer in whist he worked up a sweat further out.
 Smoother in the lee of Barry Docks entrance.
Then on to Bendricks rock, amazingly a fisherman had trapped himself intentionally on this small rock that can be accessed at low water.
With some nice flow, (a little more than I think they were expecting) it was a good location for rock hopping & experimenting with turns in a dynamic environment. Gareth was having fun.
 A good place for scraping your hull too.
 Time for Gareth to practice some towing.
 "Yeah, If you could just take me back to the car".
OK, so he wasn't falling for that one :D

More tidal tips on the way back as I sat in the swirly flowing water off Nells point easily leaving the other two behind who were working hard just out of the main flow. Well I did say follow me :D
I waited for them to catch up, Gareth was first & surprised how fast we were going without paddling. Gotta love the Bristol Channel...


  1. We did some rescue practice after you left........ the water was freezing! :D