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Thursday 13 March 2014

Can't See It, Can't Surf It...

Me & Noel were quite excited about today. We were off to Aberavon for some longboat surfing. The forecast was for 2-4 foot waves with a 13 second frequency & light winds. Perfect!
When we got there though we couldn't see the sea! admittedly the tide was out but even when we walked to the waters edge we still struggled to see much. If that wasn't bad enough the waves, from what we could see were tiny :(
Time for a plan B.
 We had drove to Aberavon in Noels car, mine was at Penarth so we decided to paddle from Sully to Penarth in the fog. We considered doing the trip via Flat Holm but it was far too foggy & we were equipped for surfing & had no maps, GPS, split paddles & Noel even omitted his tow-line.
The vis as Sully was much better than Aberavon but still foggy as in the image above Sully Island was still hidden.
 We launched on the West side of the causeway so as to paddle around the back of the island.
 It was lovely & calm which made me long for a paddle out to Flat Holm.
 Instead I got in close to the rocks & on them once or twice too (whoops).
 Nearing Penarth the vis worsened. I was very close in here but the cliffs are still hidden.
 We just kept following the shore till we reached Penarth.
 Where , you guessed it, it was foggy!
 Noel trying to hide from having his pic taken :)
When we arrived back at Sully, as if on cue the Sun came out & the fog started to lift...

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