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Wednesday 5 March 2014

Severn Triangle...

I'd have like to have stayed in bed this morning (just a little longer) but the unusual good weather coaxed me out of my slumber at 0500 to get ready for a dawn paddle across to Steep Holm then Flat Holm before returning to Sully.
 I arrived a little too early at Sully but that was fine as I hate rushing!
 The conditions were idyllic as I push off & make my way across the causeway towards the Western end of Sully Island.
 The sun was rising near to Flat Holm.
 I turn & pause for a moment to take in the sight.
 Then on to Steep Holm some 6½ miles away through the strong currents of the Severn.
I turned course for this image, my actual bearing was some way to the right as I'd set off at peak flow.
 It seemed to take ages to ferry across the tide but eventually I got here & made my way to the beach for a brief rest & a peanut butter & jam sarnie :)
 It was near to high water when I arrive & there wasn't a great deal of beach left to land on!

 I didn't hang around long, the tides were quite strong today so I headed over to Flat Holm in the last hour of the flood.
 I find the short distance between the islands can be a real pain when the currents ebbing strongly so I was glad I left when I did using the flood tide to get me there with just a little ferrying.
I aimed for the Western side to get to my landing spot on the Easter side & was holding a good 8-9KMH most of the way. A luxury after working hard  to hit 5½KMH on the first leg to Steep Holm.
 Again I chose to have just a short break here as the tide still hadn't turned.
I left in the last 10 minutes of the flood hoping to make ground towards Lavernock. I wasn't going to Lavernock, just using the last of the flood & slack water period to get myself upstream for when the tide turned so I wouldn't have to ferry so much on the way back to Sully.
 I pass the jetty heading for Castle Rock.
 As usual there a little tide here pushing me through.

 The only person I saw all day.
 Looking towards the mainland, still seems a long way off.
 I need to put some distance between me & the island.
 My early departure worked a treat! Often I struggle to hit the Wolves buoy on the way back from Flat Holm but instead I was well upstream at Lavernock Outfall buoy. Thats Sully Island just behind it.
 The tide had turned by the buoy so I change course & head towards Sully with the tide giving me a useful push. I hit 11KMH for a time :)
 Before I know it I hit Sully & land by the steps as the beach is still covered by tide.
I was glad I got out of bed after all :)

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