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Sunday 2 March 2014

Postman Pat Saves The Day...

I should have known the idyllic weather we had yesterday wouldn't last & my plans for a pre dawn paddle out to Flat Holm were a tad ambitious. 
 Myself & Sean Hurrel arrived at the Captains Wife in Sully at 05:30 to be ready to hit the water for 06:00. I wasn't liking the forecast though! With a Southerly Force 4-7 & moderate sea state predicted it would be pushing it a bit in the daylight but we were setting off in the dark!
 Luckily Chris Evans was late, very late! I was pretty relieved actually as we could do something less committing & have more fun!
 Postman Pat finally arrives & at speed too probably to make up for his tardiness?
 We finally hit the water at 07:00 but the tide is right in & making for a tricky launch. Sean finds a tiny bit of beach to launch off.
 Myself & Chis opt for the normal launch spot but the water is right against the steps & bouncing off the surrounding walls.
 We'll have to get into our boats from the water, self rescue style.
 Inevitably Chris gets wet :)
Sorry Chris ;)
 I suggest he swims his boat out to sean on his towline so he can get some help climbing back in.
 Worked a treat :)
 My turn next. I wait for  some calmer swells & hop on.
 Leaving my legs out till i'm clear of the shore, phew!

 It was looking quite bouncy on the causeway, definitely not Flat Holm weather. I'm glad Chris was late.
 The sunrise was lovely but dark clouds were gathering.
 A quick stop for Mr evans to pack his towline away & empty his boat.
 The back of the island was choppy & the tide was very high. I could have paddled over a ledge that normally sits above water level. I've never seen it that high before!
 I get too close to the cliff & get covered in spray! :)

 Time to hit the tide race.
 The tide race was looking playful & Sean gets stuck in.
 Vanishing occasionally.
 Mr Evans doesn't look so keen?
 But gets stuck in anyway.
 For a bit.
 Then legs it for the calmer water :)
 We finished with a quick play on some small standing waves that had formed on the causway. Just enough to put a smile on our faces :)

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