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Tuesday 11 March 2014

Project Nordkapp Part 7...

About 5 months ago I posted part 6 of this project & fully intended to crack on & get the job finished. Well 5 months between stages is hardly cracking on but I have got back to work on her.
In the previous instalment I had applied a fresh layer (2 actually) of gel coat to the top deck so this post is all about, (can you guess?), sanding. Lots & lots of sanding!
 The grey looking bits have had the initial sanding to remove the imperfections from painting the gel coat on.
 Whoops! I made 5 of these altogether & have now ground them out ready to fill with black gel coat.
Here you can clearly see the imperfections from the painting process. Gel coat is designed to be applied within a mould, I don't have that luxury so am doing it the hard way! 
I have now finished the initial sand & have ground out 5 spots that need filling. I'll do that tomorrow & maybe start the wet & dry process to to start bringing the shine back. Once thats done I can apply the deck seam tape & she'll be floatable if not completely finished.
Wonder how long till the next post?

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  1. Oooh er... I don't envy you that job!. have you thought about giving it a top coat of clear epoxy resin to get the gloss black end result? (Stuart may be able to help with this)