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Friday 24 June 2011

Tyla Images Expedition Around Wales Update 24/06/11...


The expedition is on hold at the moment whilst I wait for this bad weather to pass. The winds are a bit on the high side (F4-6), occasionally F7 & have been like this for the last month. Its very frustrating as I'm keen to get going again but I'm going to be patient, play safe & enjoy the paddle.
Of the five days I've I spent on the challenge I only managed paddle two of them getting me from chepstow to Porthcawl (60 miles) so far. I'll head off again soon as this low pressure front passes.
I am now planning to set off again on the next new moon, July the 1st, two moons since I first set off. I may go sooner but if I'm sensible I'll be patient & wait as the tides are too late at the moment...


  1. Shift your ass!


  2. Yeh, get moving, checking here every day for over a month to see if your away!
    My offer from before still stands if you need anything, if you don't get off straight away, we'll be down West from 30th July.


  3. Yep, its been a long wait & I'm looking forward to getting back underway.

    Cheers for the offer Martyn, bet your sick off looking at my blog now (LOL)...