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Tuesday 28 June 2011

2nd Time Lucky? Final Preparations for the 'Tyla Images Expedition Around Wales'...

I decide to get off my arse & do another paddle in preparation for my Wales trip on Friday.
I'm paddling today from the Knap to Llantwit Major & back & decide to stay in my kayak all for the whole trip & practice peeing in a bottle & getting my munchies from the day hatch whilst on the water.

 If I say Wales's most southerly point again I may get done for spamming (LOL).

 Uneventful at Aberthaw tower.

 I push on to Llantwit arriving a quarter of an hour before the tide turns.
Time for a rest on the water, no getting out today.
I've had the wind in my face all the way here & I'm looking forward to having the wind on my back & a following sea as I make my way back to the Knap.
I'm feeling very at peace with the World by now. More than I've felt for a while, since being on Anglesey in fact. Beautiful Ynys Mon, wearing its christian shrines like filthy vandalism on an island with a very Pagan heart.

Time alone helps you put your thoughts in order but being alone on the sea lets you look deeper into your own mind & purifies the soul.
I dwell on the interconnectedness of all living things & the arrogance of Christians with their small minded view of the World, not to mention the warmongering & religious cleansing.
As a Pagan I don't see God as separate from us, I see god in every living thing from the biggest Mammal to the highland Midge.
I see the Gods as creators & every living thing is a creator, as we all have an impact on the ecosystem of this beautiful planet.

Sorry, I'm reading a King Arthur novel & feeling quite anti Christian at the mo (LOL).
I headed to the tower again from here hoping for some liveliness, I so wasn't disappointed :)
I really wasn't expecting it to be as rough as it was, I had clapotis to deal with as I approached the tower & then some confused water on the far side as the tide pushed it's way around the tower & a few waves almost a metre high traveling diagonally to me.
My paddle was being used for support as much as going forward. As I eased out of the lumpy stuff the adrenaline was pounding & I had a grin on my face.
 Uneventful on the way back to Rhoose point, I tried surfing a few swell but they weren't steep enough though I regularly crept over 7 knots trying.

 Time for a few rolls at the Knap.
The perfect way to end a good trip :)

A map of the trip with co ordinates & times is viewable for the next 7 days via this link.

Geek Stat's

Trip Distance 15.3 Nautical Miles, (17.6 Statute Miles)

Max Speed 7.7 Knots

Moving Average 4.3 Knots

Time Moving 3 hous 33 mins


  1. Good job us Christians are a forgiving lot!

    Nice picture of your nuts out on the deck by the way! Lol!

    Hope Friday all goes well, and maybe see you enroute somewhere!


  2. Hey Martyn, I'm a Pagan & Buddhist so I treat everyone with love & compassion, Doesn't stop me ranting once in a while though.

    Glad you liked my nuts & I'll keep an eye out for you on the water :)

  3. Nothing wrong with a good rant!
    Have fun, keep it up!