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Sunday 26 June 2011

Bare Bums, Black Sheep & Lighthouse Jumping...

Arriving at Sully on a day with a sketchy forecast I was relieved to see that the weather had in fact turned out perfect.

Paddling again today with Stuart & also Jules from the Glam Boaters with the intention of heading to Flat Holm & then onto Monkstone Lighthouse & back via Laverknock.

There was a little wind on tide as we headed to Flat Holm but that was about as interesting as the sea got today.

 The must have cave shot.
Pulling onto the beach we recognized a couple of kayaks & head off to find the owners.

 Richard & Eurion were making the most of the fab weather too.
As were some naturist's, good job my lens was foggy. It turned out there was a naturist weekend on Flat Holm.
 Bet these two wished they were in the pink too.

Back underway & we made good progress to Monkstone Lighthouse, my first time here at high water.
Jules hopped up the ladder & made his way right to the top.
Keen to follow him I did too & decided to try & start a new sport of lighthouse jumping.
I'm a bit of a wimp with heights though so wasn't too far up.
Jules got creative with the camera & forgot that you cant turn a telly on its side (LOL).
Stuart got a nice pic too :)

 He gets a few cheeky snaps as I head back for my camera.
 Stuart heads up for a look too.

The sea was extremely calm on the way back & we kept stopping to chill out, look at some rubbish that Stuart thought was a puffin, (LOL) & admire the jellyfish. An awesome day out :)

A map of the trip with co ordinates & times is viewable for the next 7 days via this link.

Geek Stats

Distance 12 NM (approx.)I reset after leaving Sully Island)

Max Speed 9.7 knots

Time moving 3 hours 30 mins, (approx.)

Moving Average 3.1 knots


  1. Twas a good day today, made it to a canal - in my new boat! Hoorah!
    Glad to see all the locals having a get together on a nudist weekend! Lol!


  2. Did you get the Reval after?