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Sunday 31 July 2011

Forever Eastwards...

Eastwards, always bloody eastwards?

The tides in the Bristol channel as you probably know are massive, the second highest in the World after the Bay of Fundy, Canada.
So to avoid a long portage to the waters edge I rarely paddle at low water which means that I usually head east on the last couple of hours of the flood.

I've been meaning to explore the cliffs, caves & amazing geology at Southerndown for a while now. The few times I've been there were the few times that I have paddled at low water. So to get a better look I'd have to leave Ogmore near to high water & head (you guessed it), Eastward.
High water was unfortunately at 'stupid 'O' clock' which meant getting up at 6AM. Not too bad though & at least there's less people about :)
As I leave the pebbles of Ogmore behind I get my first glimpse of what I came for.
Caves & Rocks & striking geology.


The Heritage Coastline...

Arriving at Monknash the wind is in my face & the tide has been ebbing for the last hour. I don't fancy slogging my way to Nash Point so I call it a day & head back.
Looking back at Southerdown I realise that I'm a bit fed up at this paddling back to the van crap & miss the one way bliss of my Wales trip.

Hopefully get some names down for Anglesey next Weekend? :D

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