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Monday 14 November 2011

The 'Wee' Islands...

Todays Adventure will be brought to you with the word 'Wee' & the letters L & P
I really could of done with a chill out after my 5 star training but with the unseasonal good weather on Skye it would be very rude not to make the most of it.

I had a few ideas of places I wanted to paddle, all of them involving Wee Islands.
I was camped at the beach at Harrapool in the morning & trying to decide where to go? It was near enough high water, wonderfully calm, my van was only a few feet from the waters edge & there were plenty of Wee Islands in the distance. Well, what would you do? Seemed little point changing location so I got the kayak off the roof & got ready to go.
 The plan was to paddle out to Pabay Island,
 & then onto & around Longay.
Approaching the South East tip of Pabay.

Northern end of Pabay.

 Time for a Wee break, literally :)
Longay in the distance.

Approaching Longay.

North Eastern end of Longay.

The Northern end of Longay with Scalpay (right) & just under the mountain Guillamon Island.
Looking back at Longay.

A Wee coffee break on a Wee skerry just off Pabay with Longay in the distance.
It was a lovely peaceful spot save for some splashing that turned out to be four curious seal's.
The sun was really bright & in my face for the return to the mainland & I had no idea which way to go? I could of just paddled back & hand-railed my way to my camp spot but chose to practice my map reading.
I found my location from taking bearings from the surrounding mountains & used this to get a bearing from the map, simples :)
A bloody fab day out with amazing scenery & two new Wee Islands for me. Brilliant!

Taran's Adventure was brought to you today with the word 'Wee' & the letters L & P...
Todays route - 10 Nautical Miles (11.5 Statute) 


  1. Nice one. Was gonna go out to those islands whilst going around scalpay, glad I didn't with the wind. So is that your 5* done or was that just training?


  2. Wish my 5 star was done but no, this was just the training.

    Sitting out the waether at the moment, you'll be familier with that LOL :)