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Tuesday 8 November 2011

Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad...

Hmmm, so I'm in Scotland, the Isle of Skye to be precise & I need to find a location to paddle? Well a quick look at the map to plan some Island hopping seems the way to go & I spot this beauty in Loch Bracadale. After looking at the map I then check my Scottish Sea Kayak guide book to see if there's more info & luckily there is & it looks bloody awesome!

The plan is to paddle out of the beach at Camas Ban & paddle out to Harlosh Island, then onto Wiay Island & finally Tarner Island. Looking forward to this despite the 'Michael Fish' weather report. clear blue sky's & 5mph wind my arse, it was f 3-4 with a moderate sea state out of the shelter of the Islands?
Not what I was expecting.
First stop, Harlosh Island.
Back in the boat & as I left the shelter of Harlosh Island I started to hit the wind & swell. Some swell's not far off 2 metres high so after a little umming & ahh'ing I regretfully decide against going to Wiay & turn right to do a loop around Harlosh.
I then set course for Tarner Island with the imposing Cuillin mountains as a backdrop.

Hmmm, coffee stop I think.

I think Paddling with Sam & Mike in cornwall made my snickers bars & powerade's look rubbish when they had pasta meals & hot drinks.

Must say it makes stopping much nicer:)
I found a nice rock hop here that I had to ride through on a swell & enjoyed as few runs before an Otter spotting distracted me. It was only a brief glimpse but unmistakeable.
Heading back to Harlosh Island.
A quick wonder around the Island & some more coffee before I head back.

This is a really awesome paddle & I hope to return here before I leave Skye & do all three Islands next time...


  1. I've just been catching up with your blog, mate your living the dream i'm dead envious. Great shot of Elgol by the way, just as good as Cornish's shot.

  2. Twat Twat Twat!!! Lucky Twat!


  3. Sorry just jealous! I wimped out going to Wiay for the same reasons last year. It's not far out but you feel really exposed. Try going from the end of Loch Harport (there's a slip way right at the end of the loch marked as a pier on the os map) cross over to Oronsay you can cut through the middle of the headland over a nice white sandy beach, a short climb to the top of the headland gives you a good view across to Wiay. It's only about 1.5km to Wiay from there. There's the life!!!


  4. Looks amazing. Got to be one of the best places to paddle. I agree with Stu - Twat!
    Take care mate

  5. Twat Moi??? Don't worry Stu, I'm gonna run a lotto guessing how many times I get called a twat on my Skye trip & your woody can be the prize when its finished ;D

    Oh, & I just bought a Typhoon Multisport drysuit, wanna add another twat to the tally :)

  6. I think it's justified, you've spent the last couple of months parked up and paddling some of the countries best kayaking spots getting trained up by some of the countries top kayakers...Jammy twat!

    You didn't give daddy's credit card back did you!