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Tuesday 8 November 2011


Elgol on the Isle of Skye is a place of pilgrimage for me, one the my favorite landscape photographers Joe Cornish took a very famous & iconic image at elgol & Many photographers go to the exact spot he took the image to try to take one for themselves. Me on the other-hand wanted to find my own spot & the result is the image above taken on my first visit to Elgol a couple of years ago. A very happy memory. I was using a medium format camera & had to count down the seconds for the exposure in my head as I'd forgot my stopwatch :)
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This visit however was unexpected due to a last minute booking of my 5 star training & I came up straight from Anglesey meaning that I hadn't brought my proper camera, just my little compact. Well it'll have to do.
Taken on my first night at Elgol.
How cool, cows on the beach, they seem to love chewing the bits of old rope lying around?
& this image on my second night. Shit I love this place. That building on the far right is a Primary School, lucky, lucky kids.
Right, time to get of my arse & paddle, I couldn't go out on my first day here despite the perfect conditions as I was waiting for some sealant to dry on my rear bulkhead. It was very frustrating!
Paddling out of harbor before turning towards Soay Island.
Despite the idyllic looking image it was actually a bit choppy crossing to Soay with waves hitting me from the side forcing the occasional low brace. Here in the shelter os Soay Sound I made a quick landing as I thought it would make a nice image :)
On through the sound in search of Soay harbour.
This was the home of Gavin Maxwell & Tex Geddes where they used to run the Island of Soay Shark Fisheries (F**cking Tossers!!!). They used to kill & process the beautiful Basking Sharks for the oil in their livers.
There really are some selfish Twats in this World!

heading back out & I'm feeling strangely lazy despite the fantastic scenery & decide to head back the way I came as opposed to doing a loop of the Island.
My minds kinda agitated lately, swatting up on my navigation ready for my 5 star. I know its only the training but I want to be ready.

I land once more on this fab beach to get ready for the 3 mile crossing back to Elgol & I'm gonna practice my rolls when I get there :)


  1. Hi Taran

    Hope you enjoy the training and the paddling on Skye - My August trip seems a long time ago now but the memories are still vibrant. Look out for article in next issue of CKUK...


  2. Cheers Will, not sure enjoy is the right word though? It'll be bloody hard work, bloody cold & quite possably bloody terrafying :)

    Will keep a look out for your article, sounds like a good read.
    Canoe wales magazine from the BCU are running a 2 part article on my Wales exped :D