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Tuesday 15 November 2011

Return to Bracadale...

Tuesday morning saw me return to Camas Ban on Loch Bracadale. With only two out of three Islands visited last time it left me with unfinished business.

The forecast was good today but I kinda knew to expect lively conditions on the South side of Wiay as its vertical butrusses stood tall against South Westerly wind.
In the lee of the Islands the waters were still & only stirred from their slumber further offshore.

Moments after this image I was treated to a fleeting glimpse of a Sea Eagle, its distinctive white tail giving away its identity. What a treat!
Looking Between Harlosh Island & The Mainland...

Harlosh Skerry...

Harlosh Skerry...

Wiay coming into view as I round the tip of Harlosh Island. It got a little choppier on the south side as the sea started to feel the wind. Some playful clapotis kicked out some waves that gave a gentle surf away from the cliffs.
 Looking back from Camas Na Cille on Wiay after an uneventful crossing.
Leaving the calm of Camas Na Cille I'm a little apprehensive as I've a good idea what to expect on the South side, I'm always a little more cautious when paddling solo but I still like to play.
Yep, kinda what I was expecting. It was like crossing a busy road nearer the South cliffs with waves coming from both directions. It certainly wasn't huge, just lively & I was enjoying myself.
Rock-hopping heaven though its a little too bouncy to pop my skirt & get my helmet out, (Oooer, suits you sir!).
Better not capsize with no helmet on. I rode a swell through & made a lovely scraping sound as I slid over a shallow rock :O
Good job My kayaks plastic.

 Island number three, Tarner Island.
I decide to skip the usual beach landing & look for a rock on the North side to land on.
This'll do, not a rock as it's part of the Island but a good a place as any for a coffee.
Feeling very happy with my day's adventure I head back to my van to put my feet up :)
Distance 9.5 Nautical Miles (11 Statute)...


  1. Very nice! Always a good feeling when you get one over on the sea and finish unfinished business. Typical example of respect the sea, it will still be there for another day. Well done.


  2. Dont envy many but you lucky b$£$%&