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Sunday 13 November 2011

5 Star Training, (Navigation & Planning)...

The final day of my 5 star sea leader training with Gordon Brown of Skyak Adventures & today we were looking at planning & navigation.

We started the day with a brief paddle in a small inlet at the back of Gordon's house. The first task with Gordon was to pinpoint our position on the map identifying features around us. With that passed ok we then paddled along the inlet looking for identifiable features, orienteering & looking along the shoreline to line up features ahead.

The second task with Andy Stamp was to practice pacing. We paddled a set time called out by Andy & had to count our paddle strokes on the left paddling first upstream & then downstream. This proved interesting as it showed me not only how to measure my speed & distance, (though this will need a lot more practice) but also showed me that I have a rather fast cadence, hitting 40 strokes against the average of 30'ish. This may be due to my small paddle blades, something to look at.
The afternoon was spent first with a sort of quiz trying to beat the other team at identifying chart symbols. Each team had to find on the chart symbols that hopefully the other side would have difficulty identifying. One smart arse, Andy I think tried putting the copyright symbol down (LOL).

After this we then looked at which of the symbols would be of use to us as kayakers which seemed a good way of learning to me.

Finally the hard bit, planning an advanced journey. This can be tricky enough solo but when working with someone else I found it much harder. Working together we got there in the end though & using a mixture of pilot books, an almanac for the tide times, some flow charts & my own Welsh sea kayaking guide book as the trip was set at Ramsey Island :)

It was a fab course & Gordon & Andy really know their stuff. I definitely got a few more tools in my tool box, some good advice & some stuff to work on...

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