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Tuesday 27 December 2011

The Knap to Llantwit Major....

Today I was hoping to get some of the club members, (Glam Boaters) out onto the sea but trying to get a day when everyone is free is quite tricky.
In the end it was me, Stuart & Noel.
Bumped into this old git too, sorry Pete ;D
Pete had already been on the water a few hours & was heading back in so we said our goodbyes & made our way West.
It was quite a lovely day but I was finding the conditions disappointingly calm & longing for some action.
Evan Aberthaw tower was unlikely to be playful in these conditions.
Passing Aberthaw the boy's went right & I went left looking for some flow around the tower. we all met up in the lee of the tower & played in the spinning water that had just got squeezed around the tower, playful but a little too gentle.
From Aberthaw to Llantwit I hugged the shore (literally) trying to spice things up by paddling side on to the waves breaking on shore. A couple nearly caught me out, in fact one was surprisingly big & got my heart pumping. It reared up & dumped before I had time to turn into it so I slammed the paddle into the water using the power of the wave to lever the boat back out to sea. Only just got away with it :D
Arriving at Llantwit we found some pretty decent surf, all swell & no wind action so they had plenty of power in them. The problem was they were dumping onto corral covered rocks, not ideal.
Stuart & Noel were debating how to get ashore with their glass boats. I on the other hand could be less than gentle with my plastic Nordkapp so I caught a wave into shore.
I purposely chose a modest size wave as I was surfing towards rocks & I was rewarded with a lovely smooth ride to shore.
I managed a quick pee & a leg stretch whilst Stuart & Noel stayed on the water. Cant blame them really as I landed on Corral & got away with a light scrape or two.
Heading East again & the light is starting to fade. We paddle out to the tower hoping for a play, luckily its a little bit rougher at the tower so I was happy :)
I caught a lovely wave back onto shore at the Knap, certainly not big at all but I held a straight course & was pushed all the way onto the beach, magic :)

Would have been a bit of a boring paddle today but luckily I had good company. A fab day out...


  1. As mentioned although it was a bit of an uneventful paddle I did enjoy myself. Thanks also for the weekends paddle invite, but mention of the 'B' word has kept me firmly ashore ha ha. Maybe in a few months... :)

  2. Blimey ! Can't believe how calm it was down there ! It's been throwing the swells across from the west here for weeks !
    Steve (Bardsey Island)

  3. Will be interesting to see what the Pembroke & the Bitches are like on the weekend Steve, usually a bit swelly around there.

    Maybe next time Noel :D

  4. Are you heading West at the weekend then?
    I will be there, but not hoping for too much, forecast not brill.

  5. Hey Martyn, Looks like we're heading west tonight or tomorrow morning. Stuarts lost his phone so I'm waiting for him to email me.
    I'll give you a call soon, Taran ;D