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Saturday 24 December 2011

Xmas Eve Adventure...

For the second year in a row me & Stuart decided to head to Flat Holm on Xmas eve, this time joined by Jules in his new Delphin.
I had planned to paddle out to Flat Holm sitting on the back deck just for the plain stupidity of it but it looked a bit too rough & I fell in by the end of the pier at penarth trying to take a picture of Stuart (whist sat on the back deck) with a rainbow behind him. I got the shot but it was out of focus, GRRRR.

So I took this shot from the water instead :)
Image By Stuart...
Image By Stuart...
It got quite rough over some shallows midway & by the time it calmed down Stuart was obviously suffering from mental trauma.
Nearly there & despite the calm looking photo it was hard going with the wind, waves & also tide competing to push us off course.
The swell wasn't huge but was big enough to throw up some most welcome surfing opportunities. The F5-7 forecast with moderate becoming rough sea state didn't really materialize though it was bouncy enough.
Image By Stuart...
Nearly There :)
On the island we go for a stroll, last time Jules was here it was full of naked people but with there absence he decides to impresses us with his knowledge of sheep?

Image By Jules...
There's a rude joke in there somewhere, Answers in the comments box :)
Image By Stuart...
Utterly Frozen we head back to the boats to warm up with some paddling.
Its looking lively in the channel & promising an exciting paddle back.
Image By Jules...

Nearly there & its calmed down considerably as we approach the mainland.
An most excellent day out with good mates, wonder how next years paddle pans out...


  1. Hi Taran,
    What time did you set off and how long did it take you to reach Flat Holme?

  2. Hi Taran,

    I wanted to join you for this paddle but couldnt make it. Sort of glad in a way lol!!!!
    It looked pretty 'bouncy'
    Happy New Year.

  3. Hey Pete, took about an hour & left a couple of hours before LW.

    Scott mate, you would have been fine, have to get out with you again soon :D