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Thursday 14 June 2012

Keep The Beach Clean...

This isn't a post about the laziness not to mention disrespect of people who drop litter. Its more of a shared sentiment with whoever took the trouble to makes a wonderful knitted post cover to grace the prom railings at Penarth seafront. Definitely worth a blog-up.
As for the paddle, well I met Noel in Penarth & we headed to Sully in his car leaving mine where it was. There was a stiff South easterly blowing so a one way from Sully to Penarth would miss at least some of the headwind.
Leaving Sully I excitedly paddle out into the rather tasty looking race off the Western extremity of Sully Island.
Noel opted for a 'Walk of Shame' & carried his boat over the still uncovered causeway to meet me at the other side. Probably a wise choice.

I was having fun paddling out & surfing back in. I totally buried the front at one point & Noel said the arse was pretty high :)

 Back at the East side it was much calmer. Time to go find Noel.
 Tiny Clapotis :)
 Here's the foot soldier ;D
 Back on the water & we make our way to penarth. First landmark is ball rock.
 Then Lavernock where I'm hoping the Rannie Race is in fine voice.
 I do believe Noel is contemplating Flat Holm?
 Looking at Noel. Walk of Shame number 2 :D
I think this put him off, The infamous Rannies. A couple of years back I did a 'Walk of Shame' here too so I know how Noels feels. If you got any doubt, look for a safer route.
 It was certainly entertaining out there, I was having fun!

 Shank's pony makes his way along the beach.
 One small step for man, one giant leap for Noel :P
 I pull in to for a wee break, yes you can take that literally.
Before making our bouncy way to Penarth, fighting our boats urges to turn seaward. Skeg & edge all the way.
I was buzzing at the end, a sketchy victory roll & some surfing before packing up & dropping Noel to his car :)

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  1. A short but interesting paddle, in hindsight it feels good to have pushed the comfort zone a little bit further,no walking next time (hopefully):) Thanks bud.