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Sunday 24 June 2012

Nice Day For A Surf...

I've been itching to get out & have a paddle all week & with my new ever-growing obsession with following the surf forecasts there was only one place to go, Aberavon.
Stuart & Gareth have come along too & seem to be up for some silliness :)

Not sure why he's showing his arse? At least his dry pants are to tricky for a full moon.
Didn't look too bad from the beach?
Hmmm, looks a little livelier out here.
Paddling hard to get out back.
And taking a few in the face :)
Before shooting back in.

This one got a little too steep with my bow digging in.
It could only end one way. I held on for ages trying to get my paddle to the surface to roll but had to admit defeat in the end.
At least I think I redeemed myself,
With a re-entry & roll.
Before heading back out for another play :)

Image By Stuart...

We all had an fecking awesome day & I was practically jumping up & down at the end. In fact I'd of gladly given another half hour.
The highlight for me was some fab clean runs from outback all the way to the shore & an offside roll in the surf.
I think Stuarts highlight was getting a shot of me swimming :P

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