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Monday 2 May 2011

Final Preparations for the 'Tyla Images Expedition Around Wales'...

Having completed two days '4 star sea leader training' in Anglesey just a couple of days ago i guess I'm as ready as I'm gonna be. Armed with a better knowledge of the interplay of tide & weather I'm feeling more able to make the important decisions  That will need to be made throughout the trip.

I'm busy at the mo sorting all my food & kit for my adventure & this is proving to be a trial in itself. Somehow I gotta fit around 12 bottles of Powerade into the kayak? Cheers for the freebie Scott.
Luckily my mate Richie has offered me a lift to Chepstow in the morning despite having to pick me up at 5AM. Your a star Rich :)

The weather at the mo is currently blowing at force 4-6 as I write this & having just taken my mums dogs to Rumney foreshore for a quick look i'd say it ain't looking good for tomorrows launch at 7AM at Chepstow & i really don't want to delay the launch as I'm itching to get a few days under my belt & hopefully settle into the journey..

To follow my progress each day on google click here. My position will be plotted every 10 minutes throughout the day & each day will remain active online for 7 days.

Weather permitting I'm hoping to complete the journey in two weeks. Weather not permitting I will just have to wait & see.

I won't be updating my blog as I go but I will keep a diary & take images throughout the journey & add these to my blog on my return.

Getting butterflies now, a force 1-2 forecast for a couple of days would help settle my nerves (LOL).

If you would like to make a donation to my chosen charity 'Make A Wish' foundation then please follow this link

See'ya all soon...

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