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Sunday 8 May 2011

Tyla Images Expedition Around Wales Day 1...

O.K. So what am I doing here doing my blog when I should be paddling around Wales?
In a word, weather or two words, low pressure!
I was camped at Rest bay for two days waiting for light winds to make the crossing to the Mumbles Then after that the big crossing from the worms head to Caldey Island. On the third day I get up to listen to the inshore waters forecast & the Mumbles is currently F5 (again). I call my Mum for a weather update for the next 5 days & it sucks so I decided to take a few days off & wait for this low pressure front to pass. I am after all trying to have fun not scare the SH*T out of myself :D
Day 1 & ready for the off, my mate Richie was kind enough to give me a lift to Chepstow & after much faffing about & leaving quite a lot of kit behind, (as it just wouldn't fit) we both had our doubts wether the boat would still float (LOL)...

 The boat did float & if anything, actually felt more stable...

I head out of the river Wye & into the Severn, aiming straight for the shoots as I'm looking for the fastest ride I can get. I manage 7.8 knots through the shoots & then ajust course straight for denny Island...
I stopped briefly at Denny Island, a quick wee & check my bearing to Lavernock Point some 16 miles away...
O.K. this aint Lavernock, its Penarth?
Well I run into (literally) a little problem near Newport, I grounded on a sandbank(LOL).
I thought I could see one in the distance, then I saw a gull land on it, then I touched bottom a few times before totally grounding out (Whoops!). You'd probably think I'd manage to avoid it but the tide was ripping & just pushed me side on to the bank. Luckily the sand was heaped like a ploughed field so I was able to find a channel out.
For about half an hour I did battle with the sand, touching bottom a few times more before I finally found a way out of the maze.
releived to be back underway I change course for Penarth as the sea is starting to pick up, still a long way though...

I stopped on St Mary's Sandbar at Laverknock to assess my progress, I decide that the tide probably wont let me reach Aberthaw so I opt for Porthkerry.
I soon change my mind though. as the tide was out I had to pass the back of Sully Island & it was quite nasty out there & especially on the West side so after a little look I chose to turn around & head for the causeway & set camp on Sully Island for the night...
28.8 Nautical Miles (33 statute miles)
Max speed 7.8 Knots
Average speed 4.5 Knots
Time Moving 6 hours 24 mins


  1. Love the camp site picture, typical what kayaking is all about sort of picture. On the beach, wild camping (I know it's only sully isl) drift wood fire, looks great.

  2. Had to justify carrying a sodding huge SLR & full set of neutral density grad filters :)

    I really enjoyed my 4 nights camping, going to do it more often after my Wales trip. It's kinda what my Nordkapp was made for.
    Lundy Island soon!