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Sunday 29 May 2011

Project Nordkapp, Part 2...

With the crap, windy weather persisting & my expedition still on hold it seemed like a good time to make some progress on Project Nordkapp.
The cockpit was always going to be the biggest hurdle, the black area in the images to the squiggly line for my seat position is what was cut away from the old racing style cockpit.
I used a card template taken from my Nordkapp RM & used this as my guide.
I still have to finishing trimming the cockpit, there's still some wet resin in the images. Then the cockpit rim will need gel coating.
 I used to do glass work on half million pound boats a few years ago & I'm enjoying revisiting my old skills, though as you'll see from the images moulding smooth curves ain't my strongpoint (LOL). At least my skirt will cover the cockpit rim.

I've revised my ideas of the finished boat slightly & have decided to place the rear bulkhead as close to the cockpit as possible, this is to aid emptying the boat during a deep water rescue.
I've also decided to add a small rear hatch to aid the fitting & maintenance of the skeg. A bit of storage would be handy too.

The colour choice was giving me a lot of headaches till I finally settled on the black & yellow scheme below. The boat will be gel coated black with the stripe being a vinyl sticker & some additional graphics will be added too.
I've removed the gel coat joining strip between the top & bottom hull & need to decide whether keep a gel strip or try & achieve a smooth finish without one?

I'll be glad when the hatch & skeg are finished & the last few holes patched so I can put away the glasswork materials & concentrate on the hours & hours of gel coat preparation.

Tempted to take her for a sneaky paddle now :)

A couple of design ideas. I've based the graphic on the original logo but gave it a more modern twist. And yes, X is for extreme, (luv cheese)...

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