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Tuesday 31 May 2011

Project Nordkapp, Part 3...

After the last installment I thought long & hard about the cockpit coaming that I'd glassed onto the boat & after a few measurements & sitting in the kayak I decided to cut it off. Apart from looking Shit it was slightly off centre at the front.
It also looked a bit modern & not the retro look I'm going for.

This time I've cut the surrounding hull more level & am going to make the coaming separately & bond it to the kayak afterwards.

The mould took a lot of thinking about but in the end I went for a simple foam & wood option. I'll glass the wood & side of the foam to create my coaming which will be a simple 90 degree bend & nice & old fashioned looking. She may be a fibreglass kayak but I want her to look similar to the greenland skin on frame kayaks.

Just waiting on my next delivery of supplies...

I've chosen to fit a kayak sport skeg as its half the price of the Kari Tech cable skeg & I'll fit a 10" round hatch on the rear deck to access the skeg.
Funds are putting this part of the build on hold though (LOL)...

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