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Monday 31 October 2011

Something For The Ladies ;D

Back in the Swellie's again today with the intention of practicing some moving water skills & boy does it move.

I've also added lots of action shots of yours truly for all my lady admirers, (I Wish! LOL).

Setting off from Port Daniel again Except this time I hitting the water at Low Water Liverpool so I'll be paddling the flood with the flow going East this time.
I am kinda wondering how I'm gonna get under the bridge with the flow & 25mph winds against me?
Wasn't too bad, a bit of shore hugging & a few hard strokes & I was through. You can see in this image just how fast the flow is & I'm hitting it at peak flow too.
What surprised me a little was the eddy currents, some of them literally spin in circles & are tricky to paddle through.
Gonna come back to this spot later, let it build up a bit first. Another surprising thing is how quickly the waves change. There was three distinct rapids in this area when I returned, the strongest on the left, then the middle & the weakest on the right.
Within minutes the one on the right had died away leaving the middle strongest before all the waves died down.
this seems a feature of the swellie's, grab the moment when you can & then move onto the next spot.
 Heres a few action shots, like I said, something for the ladies (LOL).

Breaking In...

Inside Turn

A fab few hours on the water & a great playground :)


  1. Ladies LOL your nearly a North Walian when are you travelling up North!

  2. How did you get them shots mate. They are good! Bet you was pleased with them.

  3. Hey Scott, I used Jedi powers :)

    Hey Jesus, shame, I was in the area, would of been good to get out for a paddle :)