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Saturday 14 January 2012

Too Fresh For Rescues...

Another training session at Cardiff Bay. We were supposed to be covering rescues today but since the unusually mild weather has left us it seems so too has the swimming bravado. Including my own ;D
Myself & Laura parked at the Penarth side of the bay & Peter, Noel & carol were at Channel View, gonna meet them on the water.
 We practiced our turns in the tight confines of the moored boats.
Edging, cross bow rudders, bow rudders, stern rudders & reverse sweeps were in use today.
I threw in some sideways sculling too. They all did well though it seem tricky to get everyone to keep their paddled vertical. More practice I guess (or a taser?).

Peter racing A Boat, I really Have Seen It All Now :D

 Saw a few Herons today as well as a kingfisher, one of the joys of paddling :D
A Strange Urban Juxtaposition...

Chilling At The Former Site Of Up & Under...

Me & Laura leave the water when we reach our cars & watch as Noel, Peter & Carol head back to theirs.
A fab day out!

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