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Saturday 31 March 2012

40 Year Old Virgin...

Back on a familiar route today & taking my mate Gareth who's a virgin to Flat Holm & Steep Holm.
Arriving at Sully it was clear that the conditions were fantastic, should be an easy paddle this.
I took a conservative ferry angle to reach the Steep Holm & got there without any dramas.
We pull the boats up the beach as the tide is still flooding & we want to explore.
Note the private property plaque on the right, Gareth obviously missed this :D
 It was worth it though for a view like this.
 The Island is now home to thousands of Gulls ready to breed.
 I think the Gulls help make this place special, despite one pooping on me :(

We don't linger too long & leave it time to catch slack water across to Flat Holm. There was very little tide & no aiming off required, easy sailing :)

Time for another wander as I look for different compositions in a very familiar landscape.
 More Gulls :)
We head back to Sully for some rolling & silliness in the kayaks. I've been doing a lot of filming on this trip with the new Go Pro & also my new Nikon Camera so I'll be posting a video of this trip soon. It would be nice to show non kayakers just what they are missing & maybe inspire some other kayakers to get out here. Fingers crossed :D
About 12 miles all in...

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