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Thursday 15 March 2012

New Boat :D

A few months ago I sent this picture below to Ocean Paddler Magazine to try my luck at winning a Valley Etain. I was quietly optimistic in the same way as I used to be back when I used to buy lottery tickets but as time passed I assumed someone else had won & I was keen to see their winning picture.

Then one day I got a message on my phone from Richard at Ocean Paddler saying that he had some good news for me, I was intrigued as I assumed the competition would have been drawn before then.
I returned the call with a text as it was in the evening & seemed rude to call him out of hours but he called straight back & gave me the good news.
I spent the rest of the evening grinning like an idiot :D

 So here she is, waiting to undress.
 Da Da Duh Da, Duh Da Da Da (sorry(LOL)
Like most ladies she took quite some persuading to undress but we got there in the end :D
I just need to blag my Mum's car to get to the beach for a shakedown.

A big THANKS to Ocean Paddler Magazine & Valley Kayaks for making me such a happy bunny ;D

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  1. Congratulations Taran. Good picture and you could not have won a better prize!!!