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Saturday 17 March 2012

Mermaids Of The Severn Sea...

Myself, Noel & Jules all wanted to push our skills a bit today so decided to head to Aberavon for a spot of surfing.
The forecast was good, 4 foot waves & a 12 second interval.
We were going to have fun & I brought my new Canon 5D mk2 with a long lens to capture the action :D
 Me & Noel arrive first, Jules will arrive an hour later so we head out.
 Noel & I trying to tentatively punch out through the surf.
 Jules turns up & paddles straight out with no worries :)

 And gets stuck straight in.
 And over, this was to become a feature for Jules today, though no swims :)
 My turn, with Jules taking the helm of my Canon penis extension.
 Gotta get out back first, Yeehaa!
 Nice & straight.
 Looking good :D
 Whoops, this could end badly.
 Yep, it did.
 full circle for another dive.
 But I rolled up for some more action, I was looking like a pro!

Till Noel comes in
  to teach us how to show off properly :D
 Going down :o
 And he finished with a roll, Nice one :)
 Chuffed with his fancy moves he heads out for some more fun.

And gets another soaking.
 I head back in for another turn at shooting.
 looking a bit knackered ;D
 Time for Jules to give it some Style.
 As a big set rolls in.
 Giving Jules a thorough soaking.
 And another.
 Think he's trying to outrun it,
 To Late, though looking good!
 Proper soaking,
Though he thought upside down would be better!

Heading off at the end of the day we were all feeling pretty smug but we lost our new macho image by watching the end of the rugby with cafe lattes in hand at the local cafe :D


  1. Nice one Taran, 4 foot at 12 seconds wasn't so bad afterall! :)

  2. A new 5D?? Thought you already had a 5D mk2 at the wedding? I see the mk3 has been launched but does not seem worth the money compared to MK2. Nice pictures mate. Your surfing looks to be coming on a treat

  3. Hey Mike, i think we got let off lightly, there was a few big sets but it weren't too bad.

    Hey Scott, I broke my other 5D, got it a bit wet :O

  4. Doesn't Maevanwy do cafe lattes then ? Cheers for the chocy bar.


  5. Hey Noel, I think you earned a chocy bar after being squeezed for two Lattes ;D