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Sunday 11 March 2012

Wraiths Of The Severn Sea...

One of those surreal days on the water, a time for communing with your own thoughts in the vast emptiness of Poseidon's breath.
Setting off from Llantwit Major with the intention of paddling along the coast the out to Tusker Rock. The fog was pretty thick though showing signs of clearing. The sea was calm save for a few swells making it to shore.
This was going to be a day to remember.
We head off into the eery stillness managing to catch some air time on the way out.
We hug close to the shore making the most of the high tide to explore the caves of the Heritage Coast.
We head in for a closer look.
Right in.
I love the layers of rock here, its like looking back in time.
Approaching St Donats,
And then out further into the mist. You really have got this World to yourself out here, no sight of land or horizon to guide you on. As we drift closer to shore shapes loom, wraithlike from the shadows to guide us in, we were almost on the beach when we sighted it, the fog really was thick here.
We land for a lunch stop at Southern down, The car park here just a memory hidden in the fog.
We decide to push on a couple of miles offshore to Tusker Rock using Stuarts GPS to guide us in. We were almost ashore by the time we saw it.
Shipwrecked remains loom into sight, a fitting way to view the sea grave of the SS Steepholm..
This is a first for Jules so we go for a wander.

Back on the water & a Bull Seal pop's up for a look at the Staines Massif paddling by.
A little diversion to satiate Stuarts desire to reach Nash Sandbank.
Then out onto Nash Buoy as it suddenly looms out of the mist.
Some hard paddling in the now rather rapid current & we made it, just. We had actually swung around 180° into the flow & luckily the eddy from the buoy. With the mist this thick we are all totally disoriented & use the GPS to find land again.
Approaching what we thought was Llantwit I spot some decent waves & lots of little black shapes swimming in the water, not more seals though, surfers.
We land without incident & check with the fishermen to see if this really is Llantwit. It was & we start the long carry to where we think the car park might be?
Not long after we'd loaded the kayaks & were ready to leave the sun came out & the fog cleared, at least Poseidon has got a sense of humour :D
A rough draft of our route, about 16 miles & a fab day out.


  1. " 'scuse me, is this Llantwit Beach?" LOL!

  2. Brilliant!
    Just shows that a working GPS can be err.... useful.

  3. I'd have loved to have seen his reaction if you asked him if it was Minehead :)