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Monday 18 July 2011

Tyla Images Expedition Around Wales Day 7...

Rest Bay to Port Eynon

Up at 5:30AM & ready for the off. I cant say I slept too well, 10 mile crossings make me nervous.

Not long after I set off I had to deal with some swell but I could see that it was clearer ahead & just rising up on the rocks that give this bay it's surf.

Not far from shore I was treated to a fly by from a flock of Manx Shearwaters, still gives me goose bumps to think about it, (wonderful).

There was a little swell during the crossing, though not much, pretty uneventful really. The tide was moving as I approached the Mumbles & I got swept straight past in the current & towards an area of rougher water with breaking waves, must be the offshore overfalls I've heard about. I paddled hard & just about managed to miss the worst of the breaking water.

Just after this happened I spot another gannet, (a live one this time). This beautiful stretch of coast is already throwing up some surprises.

Once near land again I basically headland hop my way along the Gower coast, some of the bays are pretty big & feels like another crossing but it was all pretty calm & uneventful.

By the time I reach Port Eynon I,m totally knackered. It wasn't a long trip so I guess I didn't put enough fuel in the tank last night?


Trip Odom 18.8NM, (21.6 Statute Miles)

Max Speed 6.3knots, (in the rough spot near the Mumbles).

Average Speed 3.4knots

Time moving 05:33:17
Rest Bay... 
Furthest I've Been From Land...


Langland Bay...

Port Eynon...

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