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Sunday 16 October 2011

Back In The Chocolate Bowl...

Back on the water in South Wales & I was reminded of the milk thats left behind after you've eaten all the Coco Pop's after three weeks in the crystal waters of Cornwall.
After trying my best to get a group together for a one way paddle & with Stuart being well miffed at not being able to get a babysitter (LOL) I ended up paddling with just Scott.

The intended paddle from the Knap to Ogmore was out as Scott's van was broke so we instead paddled from the Knap to Aberthaw.
I was most happy to find a decent (for South Wales) swell & some reasonable wind on tide conditions.
It was nice & bumpy at Rhoose Point on the way out & I went out wide for a play in the race & kept an eye on Scott who stayed further in out of the main action before coaxing him over for some fun.

Scott was doing great in the choppy conditions & I think, enjoying it.
I was hoping for a play at Aberthaw Tower  though Scott was hoping otherwise (LOL). The action tends to be close to the tower so I sent him wide just incase. Needn't have bothered really, it wasn't that bad :(
A quick break at aberthaw to prepare ourselves for paddling against the tide on the way back. The tides were still on springs & would be running at 90%. I was reasonably (though not totally) sure that we would find shelter from the ebbing tide if we hugged the shore & this proved to be the case.

It was, for me at least disappointingly calm on the way back & I consoled myself by heading wide at Rhoose Point again to surf some standing waves on the race.
I'm definitely feeling more confidant since my Cornwall adventures & I want to keep building on that & exploring the sea conditions more.

A great day out :)


  1. Thanks Taran. It was a good trip. Good for me to get into a bit more adventurous water.

  2. Sorry couldn't make it - looked a good day for playing in the new boat. However got this sunday free if there are any kayaking plans. Jules