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Thursday 13 October 2011

To The Ends Of The Earth...

Not just the end of the Earth but the end of my cornish adventure :(
I'm not too sad to be leaving as I'm definitely gonna go back soon, I've met some fab people & seen some amazing places & got some very special memories not to mention come away with a 4 star sea award :)
Today I was paddling with Sam & Mike again aswell as Ben, all local's who were kind enough to take me with them around Lands End & also give up a little local knowledge (like ignore the tides around Lands End?). It did work though.

Mikes got a blog too & no doubt will be posting the trip too.

Sorry for the amount of images, is is one of the best paddles in the country.
Paddling Out With Longships In The Distance... 

Some Good Swell For Playing In The Rocks...

Image Courtesy Of Mike...

Rockhopping Paradise...

Image Courtesy Of Mike...

Image Courtesy Of Mike...

Waiting For The Right Moment...

One Hell Of A Lunch Spot...

Image Courtesy Of Mike...

Training I Guess...

A change of boats for me, Ben was in a borrowed NDK Romany & being six & a half foot he found it a bit tight so we swopped boats.
I've never done a proper paddle in a glass boat & I was most impressed. I think she was about 16 & a half feet long & felt quite playful, especially in the surf at the end of the day.
Ben eyeing up a gap...

Mike was, like me photographing Ben looking at the gap above when some huge swells came in, it all got a bit crazy for a bit :)
 I think he enjoyed it too.
Ben Did Make It Too...

Yet more gaps to play chicken with the swell that was getting progressivly bigger.

Image Courtesy Of Mike...
You can just make out my paddle here.

Image Courtesy Of Mike...

It was getting quite choppy towards the end of the paddle & my mind was turing to the surf at Sennen & how bad it would be?

 Nearly there & the chop seemed to die a little but the swell was ever present.

We pulled into Sennen Harbor & did some rolls before the group decided to head into the surf for a bit before leaving. I would have been happy to leave without taking a beating but I was curious to see how this shorter boat handled.
As it turned out the waves were perfect, no more than 3 foot & clean. I caught some good waves & I didn't feel like I was gonna die :)

The trip was from Sennen Cove to Pednvounder Beach & back.


Trip Odom - 11.2 Nautical Miles (12.9 Statute)

Max Speed - 7.5 Knots

Average Speed - 2.9 Knots

Time Moving - 03:53:05


  1. hahaha, there's a cutting remark ;-) "give up a little local knowledge (like ignore the tides around Lands End?)...".. hehe, you make us sound like numpties, lol... I thought that was good. In reality the tides never make it unpaddleable round there for a fit, capable paddler.. it can get a bit stiff but for competent paddlers such as yourself it's never a problem so we choose not to worry about it :-) It was great paddling with you, see you down here again soon I hope!

  2. The Admiralty Pilot is amazingly the only source that dares to try and nail down the Land's End tides - theirs are the times given in the SWSK guidebook, although anyone reading the small print will gather that I'm rather sceptical about them. Their advice is one short sentence long, and uses the word 'probably' twice, as well as the phrase 'subject to considerable variation'. Compare that with the Admiralty tidal info for John O'Groats, which is c12 pages long!

    Mark Rainsley

  3. Hi Mark,
    The tides were certainly interesting running for 9 hours one way & three the other?
    Mike was right though, you can comfortably paddle against the tide, we hit a few flows through some gaps but the main action was offshore & looked pretty big.

    Can't beat local knowledge

    I wonder how many other places I'm too fussy over the tidal planning? Living on the Bristol Channel I got into the habit of only going with the tide :)

  4. oh by the way, that Romany - it belongs to my friend Keara.. she tells me it's called Rosie.. so there you are you were paddling a girl, perhaps why she felt so playful. I think I'll call my kayak Colin.....

  5. I think Rosie liked me, she was rather wet :O

  6. Congratulations on your 4 star mate. I was down in Cornwall in April and walked many of the areas you just paddled. I was always looking out to see thinking it must be a great place to paddle. A great post to add to the blog!