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Tuesday 25 October 2011

The Swellies...

Had a fantastic day today with Jen's & Morton from Greenland. Both Jen's & Morton are 4 star sea leaders which could prove useful (LOL). We were gonna paddle out of Trearddur Bay to Borthwen but soon changed our minds as we pulled up at Trearddur Bay, It was blowing a gale!

Plan B was the Swellies & it would be running at 100% at 12:30 with a decent sized tide the day before the New Moon.
Bumped into Barry Shaw again at our launch spot as he was preparing to show some newbies to Sea Kayaking the ropes.
Jen's looking at the flow ready for some breaking in.
We played for some time breaking in & out, ferry gliding & generally pissing about:)

Time to move on & look for some rougher water.
Not quite enough here.
looking better.
Breaking Out.

Having fun, not sure if we were practicing skills or behaving like children? I particularly loved surfing these waves, scared the shit out of me at first but I soon felt my groove & couldn't get enough.
Lunch on the Island in the Swellies, hope the jammy git's that live here don't mind. was rather impressed watching the ebbing tide shoot past creating a rather large & obvious back eddy.
A short vid of Jen's & Morton Playing & demonstration some impressive Greenland Rolls.

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  1. Looks like you had a great few days. I remember paddling this one many moons ago on a Plas Menai course, scared the living daylights out of me when that wave by the island changed into a stopper (LOL).