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Friday 28 October 2011

Me, Myself & The Ebb Tide...

Back to paddling by myself today & with a huge tide I decided to head for the swellies at peak flow which is around 8 knots on the ebb.
Here you can see the blue & white boat facing into the ebbing tide & the white boat facing into the back eddy.
 It's looking like being a nice paddle.
I play in the flow under the bridges for a bit, practicing breaking in & out, spins & ferry gliding.
 The fisherman seem quite interested as I mess around in the current.
The tides really staring to shift as I pass the Cardinal marker.
I'd put a little video together but at 50 mega bytes it would take about 9 hours to upload on my dongle so I snatched a few stills instead.

More Surfing...

Trying to get on another ride as the waves die down....

Not huge waves which was surprising given the size of the tide & hitting it at peak flow. I suspect I need to arrive earlier when the waters deeper, will have to find out :)

Hmmm, where to next?

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