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Wednesday 5 October 2011

Riding The Swell...

Hmmm, interesting one this. I'm paddling today with Steve who's down here for some 5 star training.
The forecast ain't good, F5-7, moderate sea state & 8 foot surf expected. I think the best reason to explain why we did this trip is that the forecast is worse for tomorrow & we wanted to do a trip on the North Coast. Better now than never.
 After leaving Steve's car at Newquay we headed to Portreath to launch...
 Doesn't look too bad to start with...
 Steve posing :)
The swell was quite quickly getting very big, about 10 foot I reckon? it was making me quite nervous & I reached a maximum of 9.5 knots surfing the swells.
We stayed well out from shore to avoid the swell as it turns into surf nearer the shore.

We head behind Bawden Rocks to try & hide from the wind & swell & to have a break & it got really tasty between the rocks (YEEHAA).


Gone (just, I can see Steves Head).

 Finally got the finish in sight.
Newquay Harbour (PHEW). It was big conditions on this trip & kept us both grinning afterwards. Cheers Steve...


Trip Odom 13.2 NM (15.1 Statute)

Max Speed 9.5 Knots (surfing)

Moving Average 4.0 Knots

Time Moving 03:03:52

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  1. Thanks Taran! It was a great day out!!!